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Speeding Lab


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WilliamPagán Jr., Mark Paradise, Mathew Kucmerowski 9/12/12

Speeding Lab Write-Up

The speed limit on cooper road is 35miles per hour. As a test we are looking to evaluate how fast people reallydrive down cooper. We are doing this as a part of a police safety project. Thisproject looks to see how fast people go because generally people speed downcooper. We collected data to show the actual speeds of cars going down the roadwithout the use of a radar gun. Through the use of basic math we are able todetermine who is speeding.

Step one: Gatherthe materials that you will need. You will need a tape measure two stop watchesand pencils and paper.

Step two:create a table where you will record distance, time, color and make of the car.

Step three:go out onto the street and find two different points that you can use tomeasure the speed. The two points should generally be more than 20 metersbecause the further away the better the calculations. We picked two telephone poleswhich were around 40 meters away from each other. Make sure you measure thedistance between whatever you are using.

Step four:record the times of ten different cars that pass in between the two poles.Start the clock when the front of the car reaches the first pole and end theclock when the rear of the car reaches the second pole.

Step five:record the times on the table as well as the color and model of the car

Step six:calculate the speed by finding how many meters per second and then convertingit to kilometers per hour.

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