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Determining G Lab Deliverable


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Breaking news just in: physics students at IHS have justcalculated the acceleration due to gravity! Said students had the tallest student hold the ball up in the air. The other students measured the distance fromthe floor to the middle of the ball. Then the tallest student dropped the ball and timed its fall 3times. Then they calculated theacceleration with the formula: a=2d/t^2. They discovered that the acceleration due to gravity is 11.49 m/s^2 withtheir percent error equaling 17.2%! “Thisis a small drop for man, but a greater drop for physics.”

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William Pagán Jr.,Mark Paradise, Preston Monigle

Determining G

The three students first used amater stick to determine how long the ball was in the air with a stopwatch andand did this three times so that it could make the data slightly more accurateby calculating the average time and using the average time in a kinematicequation that Maek Paradiase is such a wiz at and used the3 equation d=Vit+1/2a(tsquared)which Mark than modified the equation to be able to find the acceleration dueto gravity instead of distance which the equation came out to be a=2d/(tsquared).The acceleration due to gravity came out to be 12.5m/s squared. Than theyfigured out the percent error which was the value you calculated minus theaccepted value divided by the accepted value times a hundred which came out tobe 25% which is pretty off but good considering the way they did it was byusing a stop watch which is highly inaccurate due to the visibility of the eye.

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