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Physics student find gravity


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In physics class at Irondequoit High School Students did a lab to show gravity close to the earth’s surface. The students showed that the gravity is approximately 9.73m/s^2. This is a .82% error compared to other research. The students found this out by dropping a ball and timing how long it took for the ball to hit the ground from two meters. As the group of three dropped and timed the ball they recorded the results of the three trials they did. Using the time, distance and initial velocity they found out the acceleration for each time. The group used the kinematics equation ‘d = vit + (1/2)at^2.’ When they rewrote the equation they got ‘a = (d – vit)/((1/2)at^2).’ After they rewrote the equation the group plugged in the numbers they got for the three trials and for the three trials they got the gravity as 8.91m/s^2, 11.1m/s^2, and 9.18m/s^2. Then averaged the three to get 9.73m/s^2. Which is .82% off compared gravitational pulls which is 9.81m/s^2 found by other people.

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