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kinematics and max height lab, by nevin, brendon and jeremy


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Procedure: 1.) we fist gathered our materials, stop watch, meterstick and ball 2.) we timed the ball dropping a meter from the surface of the floor 3 times 3.) we used average of the times to then use in our kinematic equations to find acceleration do to gravity. 4.) Then we calculated our percent error from the actual acceleration do to gravity.

Procedure for secoond mini lab: 1.) We calculated height of our jumping abilities. 2.) We then used our time and equations of kinematics to get a calculated height. 3.) Finally we compared our calculated heights to our actual and dtermined our percent error.

Deliverables determining g: This was a very enjoyable lab however qabetter lab would have been to propose a bunch of seperate problems around the room and solve the problems at each station. The problems can involve kinematic equations and also gravitation questions ranging with content about bullets to sports question and even relation of accelerations for gravity of other planents. I suggest this new idea because i feel it will be more enjoyable and can cover more topics and examples.

Deliverables determinig max height: This lab was not acurate based on our testing because it required people to be timers which are not persice in exact measurements. This lab would of been alot more acurate if it invoved video footage that can slo motionly capture the time to make judging alot easier. This would be the better more acurate way of setting this expirement up.

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