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Just a few question

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Hey bossman, I have been pondering some questions about this universe we live in and a few of them have stumped me. for instance: What is radiation that goes beyond the EM spectrum? If the light that is reflected into our eyes is from the past wouldn't that make finding intelligent life(regardless of whether or not you agree its out there) nearly impossible? And if we are currently living in a time after the big bang had cooled down for planets and stars to form wont the universe continue to cool down to an unlivable universal "ice age" that won't cease until another singularity occurs?

If you can answer any of these for me that'd be greaaattt. If not whatever, half of life is questions that cant be answered.

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Those are some great questions! (And great to hear from you, and after seeing you just a few weeks ago too!) As far as radiation goes, you could consider the EM spectrum infinite, going from infinitessimally small frequencies to the infinitessimally large. Finding intelligent is thought by many to be an impossible task, and by others to be an almost inevitability. You make a great point, though, in that much of the information we obtain about places far far away is from a time long, long ago, so the intelligent life we might find could be extinct by the time we realize it's out there. As for the last, that's a great question that brings to mind conservation of energy as well as some laws of thermodynamics (entropy, to be specific). I'd recommend searching deeper with a Briane Greene or Stephen Hawking book. All the best!

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