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Introducing lemonlime799


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1. Hey there. Since I can't use my real name, I'm lemonlime799. I play trombone (which I'll probably go to school for), I secretly am really good at cooking (which I want to go to school for) and I pretty much love awesome things (like Phineas and Ferb, crazy socks, various musical artists, poetry, etcetc).

2. A year ago I was extremely interested in going into a science-related field (specifically forensics), so I had everything planned out and researched how much physics is involved in life...and even though I'm probably not doing what I wanted to last year, I still want to learn about physics, especially how it relates to everything alllll the time in life.

3. I just want to know more. I love learning, and knowledge is something I love having. I know a lot about things related to the arts and whatnot, but I really would like to widen what I know.

4. Well...I don't know too much about physics, so I'm not really sure what topic I'm most anxious about...how about getting good grades? Does that count? c(:

5. a) I can actually do all my homework, as much as it will be. B) Really try to understand what I'm learning instead of just listening and writing down notes. c) Don't be afraid to ask a zillion questions.

...I write a lot, I'm sorry. But I truly am excited for this class and I can't wait to see how much I learn this year!


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Hi LemonLime! You're right, physics does relate to TONS of things in life... everything from cooking (thermodynamics) to trombone (waves) to forensics (blood spatter --> projectile motion --> bullet tracing, etc.). Thrilled to hear you love learning, because it never ends (but in my opinion it does get more fun the older you get, especially as you get to pick and choose what you learn about!)

Getting good grades is certainly a reasonable goal, but I'd recommend focusing on learning and understanding... if you do that, the grades will just fall into place. Homework in Regents Physics is pretty reasonable, and you're off to a good start. If I could give students advice for success, I'd tell them: 1) do the work as soon as it's assigned; 2) read the book (either our textbook OR I highly recommend the APlusPhysics: Your Guide to Regents Physics Essentials book -- not just because I wrote it, but because it focuses on the baseline knowledge you'll need, with worked out sample problems and solutions, in exactly the same way I teach it; and 3) have fun. That last one, having fun, sometimes sounds like it's outside of your control, but if you come in with a positive attitude each day and work to MAKE each day a good one, it's amazing how often you'll succeed.

Ask all the questions you want -- but be forewarned, I'll ask just as many back (if not more!). Thanks for a great post, and make it a great day!

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Guest Giants23

hi care bear. ik who u r...lol. im glad ur psyched for this class! that means u will pay attention and be able to help me out more when i need it! unlike in chemistry when we were both clueless...im also excited for this year because i think we all will have a lot of fun experimenting!!

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Guest dexter627

I just wanted to say I know who this is :) and that I look forward to seeing more of your posts and that we can be study partners if you want... or at least allow us to ask some quick questions for each other. Hope you really enjoy this year as much as you want to!

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