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Guest smunger

1. The main thing i do is race sailboat and i also like to play most other sports for fun. After high school i would like to go to school for engineering , maybe civil.

2. I wanted to take physics this year because i know it will be important for any field of engineering i go into.

3. I would like to leave the year understanding high school physics so i am introduced to it before college.

4. I am worried i might not be able to keep up with the pace of the class.

5. I plan on reviewing notes and studying so i understand all the concepts.

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Sounds like a plan... I think you'll find the pace of the class somewhat relaxed -- although it looks like we'll cover a ton of material this year, most topics we only cover at a very high level, and then we may pick and choose a few of interest to the class (and the teacher) to explore more deeply. Reviewing notes and studying as you go is a great idea -- and don't forget, we even keep all of our class notes online! Class Notes Web Page

Make it a great day! :einstein)

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