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Which part of the problem is giving you trouble?


May I recommend starting by finding the electric field strength at X due to A, and the electric field strength at X due to B.  Add them up to get the total electric field strength at X.  You can then do the same for Y.

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For effective or equivalent resistance, you can find a short tutorial here: http://www.aplusphysics.com/courses/honors/circuits/circuit_analysis.html


For the capacitors, they have to tell you in the problem... some capacitor tutorials here: http://www.aplusphysics.com/courses/ap-c/videos/APC-SSCapacitors/APC-SSCaps.html

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1) A boulder flies through the air at 10.3 m/s with kinetic energy 292J


With this info how do i find


A) The mass of the boulder?


B) What's the boulder's kinetic energy if its speed doubles?


C) What's the boulder's kinetic energy if its speed is halved?


2) A baseball with mass 0.145kg is pitched at 37.6 m/s. Upon reaching home plate, 16.9m away, its speed is 36.1m/s.


I have no idea how to find...


A) If the decrease is due entirely to drag, find the work done by the drag force.


B) Find the magnitude of the (assumed constant) drag force


3) How far must you compress a spring with k=668N/m in order to store 496J of energy


Where do I start?


4) The total mechanical energy of an object moving at 31.3m/s is 525J, and its potential energy is 174J


A) What's its mass?


I have no idea where to start and what formula to plug numbers. I can not find any of this in my notes......Help





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1)  Use the KE equation: KE=0.5*m*v2



2)  First find the acceleration of the baseball.  With the acceleration, you can find the net force, which will allow you to calculate the work.



3)  Hooke's Law     http://www.aplusphysics.com/courses/regents/videos/Springs/Springs.html


4)  http://www.aplusphysics.com/courses/regents/videos/ConsEnergy/ConsEnergy.html

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Happy to help.  This is a kinematics equation problem, so the video on kinematic equations would be a good place to get started for some background.  You need to know three quantities to determine the other two.  The quantities are:





t=1.6 s


Now use your kinematic equations to determine the two unknowns!

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