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introducing skittles-the-unicorn!!!!!!!

Guest skittles-the-unicorn

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Guest skittles-the-unicorn

1) i am a senior, and i like to draw, read and write and i like unicorns too. i haven't decided what i want to major in yet, but i've been leaning towards english lit.

2) i took physics partly because i was talked into it by an avid physics junkie and partly because i've always wanted to know how the world i live in works.

3) i hope i can become smarter from physics, and also to ruin movies for everyone by pointing out physical impossibilities. :D

4) i'm most anxious about the math...the first day i almost had a panic attack because there was talk of trig and math is just not my best subject. :(

5) if i want to be successful, i can ask mr. fullerton for help, stay after, and i have two friends who have agreed to help me should i need it.

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Howdy Skittles! We'll take some time up front to review the math you'll need in physics this year. For our Regents course, basic algebra, the Pythagorean Theorem, and only a tiny amount of trig is required (and you don't even need to memorize it -- it's on the reference table for you!) Make it a great year. :einstein)

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