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KSP - Dailoe Conglomerates


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Team Name: Dailoe Conglomerates

Members: Joe, David, Phil

Safety Rep: Joe


Starting Funds: $70,000


Notes: You represent a large conglomerate of varied high tech industrial firms who have come together in an effort to sweep in and take over the Kerbal space industry.  Software tycoon Joe and 3-D self defense video mogul Phil hired David fresh off a multi-year humanitarian effort to head the conglomerate as CEO, hoping his strong social and relationship skills would help temper the money-thirsty greed of the conglomerate’s financial backers in an effort to safely and efficiently monopolize the market.  It is further hoped that Joe’s digital artistry skills will provide some side income for the firm by selling artistic renditions of mission pictures.


The Kerbal government is keeping a close watch on Dailoe Conglomerates as they are worried about a monopoly situation.  As such, Dailoe is prohibited from engaging in any joint ventures with the other civilian space exploration organizations.

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