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TIE Fighter style VTOL SSTO

White Rider

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With the release of the 0.20 update I figured i'd get some use out of the few new parts we got.

Using the Cupola module (a perfect fit for that TIE fighter look) and the new skipper engine, I've been running preliminary tests and all is going well so far.

Apologies for not posting pictures yet, but I want to perfect and finalize the design first. Don't worry... It's very close to finished.

I just want to show the kind of things that are possible if you put your mind to it.

Pics to follow soon.

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So I've ran into some problems with the design and I'm currently trying to rectify them.

The trouble comes from the TIE fighters iconic shape oddly enough.

In order to keep the. TIE fighters shape, I'm forced to use the large fuel tank variants. Using the smallest of those (the equivalent in capacity/weight of the largest mid sized fuel tanks) makes it quite compact which is nice and exactly what I need it to be, however I also need considerably more power than other SSTO craft... The Cupola module weighs in at an incredible 4.5 tonnes. With this sitting right at the nose of the craft its quite hard to balance.

Thrust quickly becomes an issue too as lifting its heavy body is quite the challenge for jet engines as they need to spool fully before they even have a chance. Originally using only 2 jets this was impossible and fitting 4 on the small rear area AS WELL AS a rocket engine is... Troublesome.

Ill let you know when I progress.

Ah the joys of engineering.

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Hit a few obstructions whilst building a new SSTO...

So i decided to build a space station instead:

Current Specs:

- 5 Cupola module bays for the stations staff to work.

- 8 Gigantor solar panels and 8 packaged 1x6 solar panels to maintain power.

- 4 Radial dry docks.

- 1 Large cargo bay capable of holding up to around 8 small sensor probes, or extra snack supplies.

- 2 Canadarm style robotic arms to reach snacks that may have fallen into the structural part of the bay.

- 2 Buran style robotic arms to salvage what's left of the snacks the larger arm has undoubtedly just crushed.





It's still not quite finished. I need to add one more section at least for use as an RCS/Fuel station.

The four radial docking ports will be more than enough for now, and the cargo bay can store a bunch of sensor probes for future use.

I do like the new Cupola module. k_cheesy.gif

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