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See... docking isn't so hard. (Semi-Tutorial)

White Rider

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See... docking isn't so hard.



Alpha Station is complete.

Note that the cargo bay, and buran arms are two mods.

Everything else is stock.

Now to the semi tutorial:

To make docking easier for yourself, always double check where the centre of mass is on your docking craft/payload.

place rcs thrusters in equal lengths from it (roughly) just remember that your centre of mass will shift as you use fuel.

Try to place your rcs in symetrical sets of 4.

if your payload requires more than one rcs block per side to maintain its balance be sure to add the same amount of rcs to the base...

For example:


See how both the upper and lower rcs are the same. If they were not, unwanted spin would occur.

Above is a basic example, but if the payload was wider and required say... 4 singular direction thrusters, then i would need to have 4 on the lower part too.

The same spin happens if your thrusters are not in sets of 4.

Once you are done with your rcs placement feel free to attach your launch phase again and blast off.

You can use "docking mode" if you like but honestly its more awkward than it's worth having to switch between rotation and radial movement. I personally find it easier using the regular rotational controls and radial controls (WASD-QE and IJKL-HN)

As long as your rcs is attached properly and balanced around your centre of mass, docking is a piece of cake.

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