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Time Travel


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Wow, that's quite a question, and unfortunately not a simple answer...

To my way of thinking, yes.  It is possible to move forward through time at an "accelerated" pace.  For example, if my twin brother and I are the exact same age, and I board a VERY fast rocket (well beyond anything we can currently make), and I travel near the speed of light (90% of the speed of light, or 0.9 c) for 10 years away from Earth, then turn around, and come back for 10 years, I'll be 20 years older when I return home.  My twin, however, has aged 46 years in the time I was gone.
Another way to think of time travel -- would you consider it time travel if you could see the dinosaurs?  Well, the light from Earth depicting the dinosaurs is still traveling through space.  If you were far enough away from Earth, you could see the light from Earth from back when there were dinosaurs.  Even now, the stars we see at night are a form of time travel -- we're looking at light from events that happened a long, long time ago!
As far as being able to actually go back in time and interact with things in the past, our current understanding is that that is not likely, although there are quite a few interesting theories floating around that have some level of scientific merit.
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Time travel was inconceivable for Newton and his studies. But in Einstein's universe it has become a possibility. Science fiction about time travel inspired some of today's scientific ideas on the subject. So dreaming about alternate universes is ok no matter what field you study. Time travel to the future is possible, and it has happened. Like FizziksGuy said, astronauts have aged slightly less than we whose feet have stayed on earth. Now whether time travel to the past is possible, that is still debated, given certain physical conditions. Also, the study of time travel can be used to discover whether the universe could have been created itself. Because of research on time travel, some scientist claim to have a prediction on the span of human existence. Considering how much time we have lived on earth, it is remarkable how much we know about the universe.

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Another thing I forgot to add is the time travel we do every day. Reading books, looking at pictures, dreaming, day dreaming, and even playing music from the past. Think about reading a book like A Tale of Two Cities, written in 1859 by Charles Dickens. It takes us back to London and Paris, just by reading ink on a piece of paper. We go back to the days of the guillotine and feel like we are really there. Playing music from the classical or romantic era on a piano or any instrument may take us back to the 1700s and 1800s. While we are playing that old piece of sheet music, we may go back in time, back to the moments when that composer was putting ink to paper to write the music. We may even feel the same emotions they felt as they practiced the same piece to perfection. The chords and notes could release us to a different moment in time, when we were very happy, or sad, depending on the music. Simple things like telling a story about a past memory can take us back. Take us back to that moment in time where we go "oh, I remember that." Even driving in your car, listening to the radio and hearing a song you haven't heard since your childhood, can take you back to that moment. You can see what was around you when you first heard the song, who was there, what smell was in the air, etc. We can travel any time we want in our minds. We can escape the present through our thoughts, or sounds around us.

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