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         Hi! My name is Celeena, and I'm a huge fan of anything baseball or hockey related. I'm in 3 different bowling leagues, I've been playing violin for 9 years, and I love a good game of ultimate frisbee. I am also a competitive horseback rider and own a horse named Indie. My plans for after high school are to attend college and become a dental hygienist. 

        I chose to take Physics this year for a couple different reasons. #1 Because I already took Biology and AP Biology as well as Chemistry, and I thought that Physics would show that I am a well rounded science student. And #2 because I enjoy science classes and learning about what they have to offer. Sometimes theories exhaust and frustrate me, because I like a lot of factual evidence, but I hope to gain a better understanding of energy and motion and what else goes on in the universe. 

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