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Hi I'm Reed and I go to west irondequoit high school. I will be going into my senior year and I super excited about the fact that I am senior class president for the second year in a row. I am also a dancer I have been dancing for 11 years, I am also the captain of the varsity swim team for the second year in a row. I also love to read books, listen to music, hang with my friends, and learning something new.

In high school you are told to take three years of science and the fourth year is optional, you decide if you would like to continue on with science. I had originally planned not to go into a fourth year of science because I am not a science person and I do not do well, however my counselor convinced me otherwise. She told me that many colleges look if you have taken four years of science and they prefer that you continue with science as long as you can. I decided that she was right and I picked physics because i really want to shot a catapult and make bottle rockets. That to me makes science more fun and interesting.

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