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Hey Mr. Fullerton, when I'm not at school, I really like to hang with my friends. Most of the time I play video games with my friends or I play street hockey. My closet frineds are her at Irondequoit but lots of my friends are from other schools so it hard the hang out with them. Good thing is I get to see those friends at the hockey rink. I love hockey, that's my favorite sport. Also play soccer and lacrosse but hockey is the number one deal for me.

The reason I chose to take on physics is because I want to become a Immunogloy and I would to get as many sciences that I can. I'm also taking AP Bio this year. I think also that Physics will help me get into a good college showing that I took many science class pes as we'll as some background information for my future career.

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Taking physics and AP Bio will definitely look great on your college applications! I took both of those at the same time in high school too to try them out. They will definitely give you a nice background for the science classes that you will take as an Immunology major later on. I also think that you'll see very quickly how the physics that we're learning in class can relate to hockey (and also soccer and video games!)

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