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I am someone that has many enjoyments and interests because I am a very active person. I do enjoy playing all the sports I do and keeping physically healthy and fit. I play soccer, basketball and lacrosse for school, though basketball is my favorite. I enjoy having fun and hanging out with friends. These are some of the many things in life that enjoy doing in life.


The reason I am taking physics is because I needed to take a science class and physics seemed like a fun one to choose. I had heard good things about how fun physics was and how much people had learned. I hope to learn many things this year but I want to learn a lot about gravity. This is why I took physics and what I hope to learn this year.

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Hiya Riley, and welcome to physics.  Gravity is a very interesting topic... you can cover it at a very shallow level, and you can also spend years and years trying to really understand it, which makes my brain hurt quite regularly.  Looking forward to exploring it with you this year and causing just the right amount of brain pain!   :startle:

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