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My name is Danielle and I am 17 years old. I am a senior and a captain of the swim team. Outside of school, I spend time working as a lifeguard, teaching swim lessons and skiing in the winter. I wish to pursue a career in economics or photography.


I am currently taking regents physics. I am taking it because I wanted to take another year of science because it looks good for college. I decided on physics because I did not want to take biology or chemistry again. I think I will really love Physics this year because Mr. Fullerton seems really nice and fun.

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Thrilled to have you in physics Danielle.  I actually started out as a photographer myself, working for a newspaper for a few years just about the time digital cameras started gaining in popularity.  From there I went to RIT to become an engineer and then to Kodak to work on their digital cameras.  I miss the chemical darkrooms, but have to admit, Photoshop and digital photography puts so many amazing tools into the hands of almost anyone, it really allows today's photographers to explore their creativity in a ton of exciting ways!   :goodjob:   :pic:

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