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Projectile Problems



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break it up into x components and y components.  You know that Vox and Vfx are equal and Ax is zero, and that Ty equals Tx (times are the same..duh).  You also know that Vox=Voy because the angle is 45deg.  Do some kinemagic equation stuff and find x=.5(Vo+Vf)T, which becomes 618=Vx(T) for the x component and y=VoyT+.5aT^2, which becomes -3=Vx(T)-16T^2 for the y components.  (Vx is interchangeable for Vox, Vfx, and Voy because they're all the same.  Doe some systems magic and you'll get your answer (140.287 f/s, I hope).

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