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speeding car theory


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Danny, Ben, Celeena, Alana, Mackenzie               

#1; The problem of our assignment was more of a question: how many people speed on cooper road? The way we went about this was measuring out 30 meter strips of road and timed cars as they passed us what we found was that most cars where around 2.90 seconds per 30 meters


#2; First, you must decide how you are going to collect your data and what your graph is going to look like. Secondly, go outside and measure out 30 meters in two different spots. Then, one person with a stop watch at the beginning of the 30 meters and another person at the end of 30 meters to yell stop so the person with the watch stops the clock. Once you get the time for the first 30 meters the next person at 30 meters does the same thing. You then repeat this process 10 times.

                #6 (A) our results were that cars had an average speed of about 10 m/s. we could probably get better results if we were the only ones one the sidewalk and didn’t look so suspicious.

#6 (B) defiantly there is not a speeding problem on cooper road because every car we measured was under 15 meters per second which is 35 mph.

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