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Car Speeds


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  1. Cooper road’s speed limit in front of IHS is 35 miles per hour (15.6 m/s) or 56.3 km/hr. Our team has been asked to gather data about speed as a part of Irondequoit police department safety project. We must collect data about the speed limit of car passing past the high school.
  2. In order to figure out how fast the cars were going we marked a 20 meter long length of the road using masking tape; with a half way mark in between. One person measured how many seconds it took to get to the first mark to the halfway mark (using a stopwatch,) while the other measured from the halfway mark to the end mark. Another person recorded the description of each car we were measuring. Two other people assisted the ones holding the stopwatches by recording the times.
  3. Out of all the vehicles we measured, the average speed was 16.05 m/s. This is over the 15.6 m/s speed limit by .45 m/s. If we were to repeat the experiment, we would have more than two people measuring times in order to get more accurate results.

While the average speed is slightly over the limit, there doesn’t seem to be cause for immediate concern. While some vehicles, such as a very aerodynamic motorcycle was speeding at 21.4 m/s, this was not true for the majority. (Also noting that many knew we were measuring them.) But overall, the speed of cars on this road is at an acceptable rate.

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