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Determining Maximum Height Lab Deliverable


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Post your paragraph solutions to the question: "Without using the words human error, explain why this method had such a high percent error.  If this could be re-designed using more accurate state-of-the-art measuring equipment, describe the more modern experimental setup and methodology."

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Faith DeMonte

Nicole Morris

Danielle Spaker


Percent error


The method used to calculate the distance a person can jump using a stop watch has such a high percent error due to multiple flaws and minor problems we ran into. For instance most students are inept to using a stop watch correctly so it is highly probable that the times we recorded were incorrect and/or flawed. Also the measurement taken by the ruler could have been wrong due to faulty eye sight or not having the ruler at the correct angle.

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The method had such a high percent error due to many different places. One area could be a delay timing in hitting the button as you jumped and landed. Another coiuld be when reading the stick. Once you jumped you had to measure the difference but our group only measured the changed not the complete distance which is what you calculate with the formula.

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