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Quantum Tunneling and Fusion!

Guest Toll_Physicist

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Guest Toll_Physicist

So I have recently been watching many of these clips on YouTube named "Minute Physics". I find them to be pretty interesting and very informative about certain things that we don't really get to look at in High school physics.

And I just finished watching this video:

I find the idea of Quantum Tunneling extremely fascinating, and if he explained this theory correctly (And I understand it correctly) then I do have a question.

At the time of the "Big Bang" ( Another fascinating subject ) wouldn't there have been constant Quantum Tunneling? All particles in the universe perhaps, all squeezed together, it seems like quantum tunneling would've been more likely to occur than any other time I could ever think of. Both heat and pressure of all these particles had to be unimaginable!

So could this be what caused all the particles in the universe to be blown out? Just millions upon millions upon millions... x10 ^ (upon millions) of fusion reactions? It sort of makes my head hurt trying to imagine it all! :moon:

What do you guys think?

P.S. Be sure to check out the minute physics videos, some of them are really cool! :apple:

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