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Sci Fi Book - Adam: A Close Encounter with a Cosmic Visitor


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A couple of days ago I shared my book, Musings of a Retired Physics Teacher, a book that describes some of my favorite physics demonstrations of my 35 years of teaching physics. Today I would like to share another offering. I recently finished a Sci-Fi book that tells of  a near-future threat to Earth due to an approaching body from beyond the solar system. In writing the book I took major efforts to avoid violations of the laws of physics for sake of a plot. I also tried to do a little teaching.


“I usually don’t read science fiction books and read this one because it was written by a former fellow teacher. Much to my surprise it held my attention all the way and I could not put it down! It is filled with facts and pictures which I have never seen before and I highly recommend this book to anyone who has any interest in space at all.”


This person writing these words is describing my new book ADAM: A CLOSE ENCOUNTER WITH A COSMIC VISITOR. 


I would invite you to check it out at Amazon.


I might add that the book is in the Kindle format but a free Kindle reader app can be downloaded from Amazon that allows reading on a computer, mobile, or hand-held device.


Jack L. Smith

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