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Video Discussion: Nerd-A-Pult - Measuring Initial Velocity

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Name: Nerd-A-Pult - Measuring Initial Velocity

Category: Kinematics

Date Added: 27 May 2014 - 09:29 PM

Submitter: Flipping Physics

Short Description: None Provided

We need to know the initial velocity of a projectile leaving the Nerd-A-Pult. That means we need the initial speed and the initial angle. This video shows exactly how I measured both.

Content Times:

0:30 Taking measurements to determine the launch angle

1:20 Finding a triangle

2:02 Defining the angles

3:35 Determining the launch angle

4:38 Using the frame rate to find the change in time

5:08 Measuring the distance travelled during the first frame

6:12 Why initial speed and not initial velocity?

6:39 Determining the average launch speed

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