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Video Discussion: Nerd-A-Pult #2 - Another Projectile Motion Problem

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Name: Nerd-A-Pult #2 - Another Projectile Motion Problem

Category: Kinematics

Date Added: 03 June 2014 - 12:29 PM

Submitter: Flipping Physics

Short Description: None Provided

This time in our projectile motion problem, we know the displacement in the y-direciton and we are solving for the displacement in the x-direciton. We could you use the quadratic formula and I even show you how, however, I also show you the way I recommend doing it which avoids the quadratic formula.

Content Times:

0:14 Reading the problem

0:55 Comparing the previous projectile motion problem to the current one

1:16 Breaking the initial velocity in to its components

1:44 Listing the givens

2:27 Beginning to solve the problem in the y-direction

3:08 The Quadratic Formula!

5:49 How to solve it without using the quadratic formula. Solve for Velocity Final in the y-direction first

6:59 And then solve for the change in time

8:12 Solving for the displacement in the x-direction

9:01 Showing that it works

9:43 The Review

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