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CSI Challenge!

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Guest OffInMyOwnWorld

Introduction: Two mad gangstas,Julio and Dez, had just successfully robbed a bank together. Whilethey were running away from the police, they got separated and Juilonever received his cut of the stolen money. After a few minutes hadpassed, Julio found himself standing on top of a cliff. Perched righton the edge of the cliff was a huge boulder that looked just aboutready to fall off the edge. Stopping to catch his breath, he lookeddown to find none other than Dez standing underneath him! A gust ofwind came, the boulder swayed precariously, and…

Problem Statement: The nextmorning, Dez was found underneath the boulder, dead. Did Dez die as aresult of Julio pushing the boulder, or was it blown over by thewind?

Important Information:

After extensive testing, police havedetermined that the boulder must have been traveling

at least 40 m/s atan angle in order to do the damage necessary to have killed Dez.

Julio can shove the boulder with aninitial velocity of 20 m/s in the horizontal direction.

The cliff is 69 m high.

The wind that night was blowing justfast enough to push the boulder off the cliff with a

negligiblehorizontal velocity.


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