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CSI Challenge: Daredevil Dave

Guest Kapow

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We have all seen Daredevil Dave’s base diving shenanigans but it has come to the police’s attention that today’s show put more than just himself in danger. Dave is usually careful to be sure that his helicopter pilot stays above regulation height (160 meters at least) but he may have slipped up this afternoon, while base jumping in a residential area. Fines for this type of criminal activity can range up to painstaking amounts.

This came to our attention after fans support claims of observing Daredevil Dave (a mass of 25 kg, including his parachute) not being able to release his parachute in time. Now, it may be true that he was just too slow during its release but the height of the helicopter may be to blame. Since it was a residential neighborhood, Dave was able to bounce off of a Dora-the-Explorer Bounce House (Happy Birthday, Meghan!) and although he lost 15% of his energy, safely dangled, conveniently during the peak of his bounce, from a tree 136 meters above ground. The company who rents out the bounce houses says their houses have spring constants of 325 N/m as a safety measure for the kids.

Viewers are asked to help investigators solve this issue immediately using their knowledge of kinematics and energy by neglecting air resistence (obviously Davedevil Dave can't be influenced by something as silly as drag forces). Call the tip line if they have any conclusions as to whether Dave's pilot is putting our children at risk, or Dave just needs a few more lessons before hitting his next stunt.


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