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Physics Introduction


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My name is Mike Vrooman. I am a Junior at Irondequoit, but have only been a resident of Irondequoit for a little under two years, as I came from Rush-Henrietta. I am half spanish because my mom is from Spain and I even lived in Spain for several years. In the future I would like to be either a sports writer or a police officer because i enjoy talking about all things sports and i have always been interested in trying to help the community to the best of my abilities. That's my life at this point in time.


I am taking physics this year because I always felt it would be the most interesting of the science classes. I'm not really interested in Chemistry and Biology, but physics appeared to include topics I would like to learn about. I like to learn about why things happen the way they do and of course physics is the explanation for that. Physics seems like a cool class and I hope that my thought becomes true.



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Good Evening Mike, and welcome to APlusPhysics!  Interesting potential career choices -- I actually started out as a newspaper writer / photographer, and I have a friend who's a police officer who is interested in coming in to visit us this spring as we're talking about radar and radar guns.  Great guy, and he literally teaches the course on radar guns, so should be an interesting day if we can work it out.  Also, you'll find a lot of our work on projectiles, collisions, etc., all have very direct correlations to future police work.  Maybe we can even do a "CSI" day and investigate crime scenes!

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