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Intro Assignment


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A few of my interests are taking pictures of scenery or something totally different like baking. I'm interested in photography because a picture can be of anything. As for baking, it's just fun since you're mixing a bunch of things together and decorating it after. I see myself doing these things for as long as I live, even though it's not something I'd do professionally, it's something I'd spend free time on.

The reason why I'm taking physics is because I thought it'd be a class I'd actually enjoy. From what counselors and teachers said about it, it seemed more interesting than the other choices of classes. What I hope to learn this year in this class is just something completely new that hasn't been mentioned in past classes. I don't see myself going into a career that the class has a focus on but it's a class that I'm sure I could find useful at some point later in life.

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Good Evening, and welcome to APlusPhysics!  I was a photographer in a previous life -- LOVED it as a hobby, especially wildlife and sports photography.  Do you have any particular photographic interests?  I'm a terrible baker, but I love taste testing for others (hint hint...)   :stuff:


I'm hoping we can find all sorts of things about physics you enjoy, even if they don't play a strong role in future career choices.  Sounds like a good goal. Thanks for sharing, and make it a great day!

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