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Hi Guys! My names Arianna, but you can call me Ari!  Currently I'm a captain on the Irondequoit Cheerleading team, I Love my team! I will be cheering for football and basketball and this will be my 3rd year on Varsity and I started when i was in 2nd grade. I also will be playing lacrosse in the spring which is also my favorite sport. This will also be my 3rd year on Varsity and i started in 2nd grade as well. Im a very outgoing girl and excited for the rest of my Senior Year!


Don't get me wrong, Physics sounds really fun, but i don't really have an interest in Physics. The only reason i am taking it is that my counselor said it would look good for colleges. Even though it seems fun and the class is cool, i don't like science, hence the reason i failed the chemistry test last year.(Passed the course though) Probably my favorite science was Earth Science because my teacher was awesome and that was just a interesting course.


Thanks Ari :thumbsu:

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Thrilled to have you here Ari, and welcome to the APlusPhysics Community!  Sounds like you've got a very busy senior year ahead -- outstanding!  Would love to hear more about why you liked Earth Science -- maybe we can find a way to bring some of that into our classroom this year.   :goodjob:

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