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     Hi! I'm Amelia, a junior at Irondequoit High School. I'm involved in a lot of different groups at the school, one of my favorites being Student Council, mainly for the reason that I love people. Meeting new people, and conversing with them is just about my favorite thing in the world as i believe you only can learn things from personal experience and those of others. Along with always trying new things, I am a very diverse and open-minded person. Traveling mixes in easily with these other interests as becoming accustomed to new cultures gives you the greatest sense of adventure you could ever experience.


     The purpose of me taking Physics is to learn solely about how Physics makes up everything. The thought is fascinating to think about, as we already know, everything in the world is so different. The topic came as a quick interest, and I'm looking forward to the class and what we study living up to that! 


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