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Morgan's introduction


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Hello my name is Morgan, and i am determined to become a professional artist/ comic book artist when I grow up. I have taken all of the drawing and painting classes in the school until drawing and painting D which i am currently in and I plan on taking art all the way through college. I also write and create my own stories and characters which reflect different personalitys and quirks i find in the people around me. I dream of seeing my characters animated and given voices one day in their own telivisoin series but until then i am just going to focus on getting a deal with a publishing company! (sorry i am boring and all i do is draw).


I decided to take physics this year because my science teacher notified me that a lot of colleges require a student had taken it or if they haven't they have to in college. I hope this year that I learn more about applying math to science and more specifically movement. In my story there are a lot of dynamic scenes with movement and I think maybe by studying movement and physics it may help my understanding of how to draw these movements more realistically. I am looking forward to having fun with my friends in this class this year as well as learning skills i can use in the future!

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Hiya Morgan.  That is a really neat interest -- for years now I've wanted to step back from the physics books and take a run at writing a novel, but keep getting hung up with revisions to the physics books, new editions, etc.  Hopefully next year after I finish the current book there will be a little time to give it a shot.


Would love to see what you've done -- and perhaps we can find a way to incorporate your interests into some of your assignments.  Say, for example, a mini-comic highlighting a physics concept or two in place of a formal lab report?  Come see me once we get settled if you're interested and we'll see what we can do!    :cool:

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