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Devon's intro


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Hi I'm Devon and I have many interests, some sports related and other's are nerd based. I enjoy playing different sports with my friends, I love playing football and baseball with my friends along with ultimate Frisbee. I also swim competitively for the school as a varsity member of the swim team, I also am lifeguard certified and am looking for a year round part time job here at the pool. I am also a video game nerd as I love nearly all types of video games both huge triple A titles to small indie games. I also love watching movies and in my opinion the 80's had the best ones terminator, back to the future, Ghostbusters, aliens, predator and a ton more masterpieces. That's all that really needs to be said on that, those are my main sources of entertainment and interests.


I joined physics for several reasons. The first of which is irrelevant as I would have joined anyway, firstly I was told to do so by my parents and as they provide me the essentials (food, shelter, Xbox and clothing) I generally do as they say. I also wanted to take physics since I found the subject of gravity really cool, I really usually enjoy science but now I am particularly interested. I also want to take an ap class next and physics was recommended. Another reason is that my dad would sometimes tell me some interesting this about  physics and if he would had a basic understanding of it could tell me something that peaked my interest a teacher could very likely capture my full attention which is admittedly rare in class



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Good evening Devon,

     Wow, sounds like you, also, are a very busy guy.  I'm a Ghostbuster fan myself, and often times quote the movie in class (though very rarely does anyone get my references -- hopefully that'll change this year!)  Looking forward to a fun and exciting year.  Make it a great day...

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