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Video Discussion: How to Wear a Helmet a PSA from Flipping Physics

Flipping Physics

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Name: How to Wear a Helmet a PSA from Flipping Physics

Category: Momentum and Collisions

Date Added: 18 September 2014 - 03:36 PM

Submitter: Flipping Physics

Short Description: None Provided

Wearing a helmet is all about impulse, change in momentum and the force of impact. This video illustrates why you should secure your helmet to your head. Thank you very much to Colton and Jean Johnson who said yes when I asked them if I could film myself riding my bike off their dock. Colton also said, “In my 75 years of living, that has got to be the strangest request I have ever received.†Thank you also to Chris Palmer and Larry Braak for being my on-site camera operators.

Content Times:

0:19 Are you wearing your helmet?

0:53 Riding my bike off the dock into the lake. :)

2:15 The helmet falls off

2:40 Newton’s 2nd Law

4:08 Impulse approximation

5:01 Which variables are NOT dependent on helmet status

6:23 Impulse

7:01 What variables does wearing a helmet change

7:57 This one time I was riding my bike …

8:50 A contrasting story

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