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Breaking News: Irondequoit Physics Students Calculate Acceleration


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This afternoon at Irondequoit High School, students found the acceleration of a ball dropping from the ceiling. The students then compared their acceleration of gravity to the accepted acceleration of gravity (9.81 meters per second squared). In order to do this one student held the ball at the student, as another measured the distance from the ball to the ground. The student holding the ball also used a stop watch to calculate how long it took the ball to drop to the ground. After doing this about three times, the students used each trial to calculate the average time. Then they used the time in a kinematic equation to find the acceleration of the ball (d=Vi*T+1/2*a*T^2). Once the acceleration was found, the percent error equation was used to find the error between the acceleration found and the accepted acceleration.

(Jasmine Fantauzzi, De'zhaire Bennett, and Cara Thalmayr)

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