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Kinematics and Gravity Lab (Part 2) by Hannah, Ally, and Mary E


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The two methods of measuring your standing and jumping quantities and then finding the difference, and timing how long one is in the air when jumping creates a very high percentage error. We had the percentage errors of 42%, 33% and 55%. These errors could have happened by a multitude of ways. People have too slowly of reaction rates/reflexives that could accurately measure the time someone is in the air. Also when we jump we might bend our knees making us stay in the air longer. Another source of error is in the fact that when we jumped we reached one hand up to put the tape on the wall. But when we time our jumping, it’s merely a measure of how long are feet have left the ground causing an error in the two calculations. A more accurate way of getting the data would be to use a state of the art laser that measures movement. This would get rid of reaction time since it will only measure when there is movement. Using the AllyVanacker3000, students would jump and the machine will measure the time the student was moving and the distance the student traveled.  :ass:

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