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High School Students Find the Acceleration due to Gravity:

Recently, students at Irondequoit High School have performed an experiment that led them to discover the acceleration due to gravity. The students conducted this test in room 3033, using merely a foam ball, a meter stick, and a stop watch. The students had one group member stand on a desk, holding the ball in the air. Another student then measured the distance from the floor to the bottom of the ball. After having discovered the distance, the student holding a ball, as well as two other students, timed how long it took for the ball to hit the ground. The students performed four trials to get the most accurate results. Next, the students used a kinematic equation to discover the acceleration of the ball. After having found the acceleration, the students subtracted the accepted acceleration value (9.81m/s^2) from their own experimental value and then divided by the accepted value to find the percent error. The percent error for the group ultimately came out to be 30%. The intelligence level in this school is astounding! Irondequoit High School is producing physicists in the making!



by: Annie, Erika, Jaclyn, Ian, Zach

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