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     Breaking News 4 high school students had discovered the acceleration due to gravity what they had used was a dodgeball a ruler to measure the height from the dodgeball to the floor and a stopwatch to calculate the time. What they did was dropped the dodgeball and measured how long it had taken for it to hit the ground. They did that 3 times and found the average time 0.64 seconds. what they discovered was the acceleration due to gravity is 11.9 meters a second however, it seems that they had some error which turned out to be a 21.3% error because some scientists just moments ago found out that the true number is 9.81 meters a second. this seems rather truthful because the students were using a stopwatch which can lead to inaccurate measurements while the scientist had used state of the art equipment so it seems accurate that they would have a large percent error and that’s the end of the breaking news report.

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