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Acceleration due to gravity


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DJ Walker                                                                                                                      Mr. Fullerton

Joey Mantione                                                                                                                    10/3/2014


Physics at Irondequoit High School?

            Breaking new at Irondequoit High school. Young Physicists Joey Mantione and DJ Walker have found a novel way to calculate the acceleration due to gravity. They worked countless minutes to establish and create experiment procedure that worked almost as hard as they did.

            The procedure, although challenging, was done at a timely manner. First one of the students took a dodgeball and stood atop a table approximately 2.53 meters above the ground. Another student, with a stopwatch in hand, timed the amount of time from the release of the ball to the ground. This trial was repeated three times and then averaged to be about .76 seconds until it hit the ground. With simple math the young geniuses concluded that the acceleration due to gravity in their experiment was 8.76m/s/s.

            After their experiment the boys went to work to determine the accepted value of acceleration due to gravity. Through countless work and research they used their most reliable resource, their teacher. Through their teacher’s infinite knowledge the teacher concluded that the accepted value is 9.81m/s/s. Realizing that there was some errors to the experiment, including the boys timing the ball correctly and even air resistance, the young physicists calculated their percent error which was 10.7%.

            Through their incredible work the boys have contributed to the physics community again. This is the physics news now signing off. Goodnight America.

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