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Life after physics classes


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First of all, I was extremely happy when I found this topic because otherwise I would've creeped on the current students forums.

So anyway, here I am, a big shot college student (hah) doing my college thing that may or may not include floundering in calc III I mean what. And I'm done with physics courses. AP physics c is all that I needed.

So I'm done, right?


Depending on your point of view, it's either unfortunate or fortunate that I still use physics. All. The. Time. BME lab? Physics. So much physics. I have been named the resident physics person of my group by this point. Turns out taking two years of it in high school makes it stick more than you think. Granted, I don't know what all of this AP physics 1 and 2 stuff is (there was nothing wrong with B) but chances are If it has little to do with your major, it doesn't matter. It'll still be there.

You can't escape the physics.

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