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This one is going to be a bit of a rant because it seems like everyone I talk to is obsessed with this show. But I have proof that it is not as great as some may think. (mild spoilers for episode 1)

So in episode 1 a titan comes over the wall and begins to eat the protagonists' mother. As the monster bites down, the mother literally explodes with blood flying in every direction. I was recently told that the average human body has less than 2 gallons of blood in it. If you watch the video you will see that there is WELL over 3 gallons shown.

So not only does the volume of blood defy reality, but the force of which it explodes is like a Michael Bay movie. When someone gets cut severely, it may squirt but it will mostly just leak and get all over. Not in this show. The blood comes flying out at speeds nearing 70mph. So yeah, I don't see why this show is such a hit because it is so inaccurate!   

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