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Particle Collider Research

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We should continue particle collider research funding because of its positive contributions to society. Particle research has had a huge impact on the medical world. by creating a device that can accelerate protons to the highest of speeds, they can use this to view the human brain through MRIs and do cancer research. Also, projects like the AMS project which detects unkown and anitmatter can allow people to discover new parts of outer space and aid in new space research and technology. another application of this research is in biomedical labs to explore the structure of protiens and create medicine that can cure disease. This particle collision research has had an overall impact on america and the advancement of technology and knowledge.

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i agree with your point towards medical research, yet I disagree in the funding in general because it is much to far out of reach for millions of dollars to be thrown down the drain. I do not believe we are far enough in our research to be throwing our hard earned money into something not yet perfected such as the LHC.

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