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Particle Collider Research


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Particle Collider Reasearch funding should continue for multiple reasons. One reason because all of the medical success that has been achieved through this research; the use of protons and nuetron can help the treatment of cancer(www.fnal.gov). Another reason is the knowledge we can gain from it, for example understanding of outerspace. This technology can also measure cosmic rays. This is benefical to help us learn of how the surroundings around us are working. Lastly, the particle reasearch has been an active participant in industry. They use this research in power transmission cable by speeding up the protons sent. In all, this particle research funing should continue becuase of all of it beneficial atrributes it has brought to the society.

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The medical uses are helpful. That is a good reason to continue funding even though there are risks in doing it.

 I also didn't know about the power transmission cables pretty interesting.



* funding


*** attributes

**** Neutrons


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