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Matthew, Stephanie, Dylan physics period 1


In kinematics our goals were to find the velocity of both the SUV and the wagon following the collision. We have found that the velocity of the wagon was greater after the collision at a velocity of 12 meters per second and the SUV’s velocity was 2.8 meters per second.

By using momentum we have found that the momentum before the collision, of the SUV’s was 32,400kiligrams meters per second while the wagon was zero since the wagon was at a stop. So from this info we used this to see that if the momentum of the SUV’s was greater that would cause the wagon to get hit and move 24 meters after the collision. This proves that the SUV didn’t stop at the stop sign soon enough.

Also, in this car crash from the information given to us we found the two cars speed’s before the collisions. We found the speed of both by using the momentums after the crash (which were 8485.3 kgm/s for the SUV and 24,000 kgm/s for the wagon) and added them together and divided by the mass of the SUV to find its speed of 10.8 meters per second. We didn’t have to find the speed of the wagon before the crash because we know that the wagon was at rest so the speed is zero. From finding the speed of 10.8 we converted it to kilometers per hour to find 38.8 kilometers per hour which means the SUV was speeding.

From the use of physics in this lab we have learned that physics is everywhere around us and can be used in many different ways. For example, from the use of physics we have solved this case and found that it was the SUV’s fault because he was speeding and didn’t stop in time which causes an accident. So from learning physics we can now solve problems like car crashes and other unique situations like it.

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