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Dylan, Sarah, Joe 12/20/11 In order to find out if the SUV was speeding, we first had to find out the velocity of both the SUV and the wagon immediately following the collision. We found that the velocity of the SUV was 2.83 m/s and the wagon was 12.0 m/s. These values were found by using the kinematics equations to find Vi because we already had enough information to solve for the unknown in Vf^2=Vi^2+2ad.

Then, we could find the momentum of the wagon and SUV immediately after the collision using p=mv. The momentum of the SUV was 8490 Kg x m/s and the wagon was 24000 Kg x m/s. With this information, we could figure out the momentum of the cars immediately before the collision. Obviously, the wagon was zero because it wasn’t moving. By using the momentum tables, we could solve for the velocity of the SUV which was 10.83m/s. Once we got that we could multiply that by the SUV’s mass (3,000 kg) in order to get the momentum before the collision, which turned out to be 32490 kg x m/s.

Finally, we could find the speed of the SUV before the collision from the momentum table which was 10.83 m/s and the speed of the wagon was 0 m/s because again it wasn’t moving. Once we converted 10.83 m/s to km/h, we discovered that the Suv was going 39 kilometer per hour. The speed limit was 35 km/h, so the SUV was speeding.

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