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Car Crash webquest

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When we arrived at the scene of the crime we found the weight of the SUV at 3000kg and the weight of the Wagon at 2000kg. We also observed skid marks of both vehicles from the impact zone. The SUV had a skid mark of 2m while the Wagon skidded 24m.

From this information and our kinematic equation we found the initial velocity by using the equation of vI^2 =vF^2-2ad. With this equation we found the wagon had an initial velocity of 2.82m/s and the SUV had an initial velocity of 12m/s.

Using this velocity we found the momenta using the equation mv=P. P meaning momentum. With this equation we learned the the momentum of the SUV immediately following the collision was 8,460kg.m/s and the momentum of the wagon is 24,000kg.m/s.

Then knowing Momentum is the same before and after a collision and knowing the wagon was not a moving we calculated by adding the two previous values that the momentum of the SUV before the collision was 32,490kg.m/s.

then from the kinematic equations we learned the speed of the SUV was 2.82m/s and the speed of the wagon was 0m/s.

By converting the speed of the SUV from meters/second to kilometers/hour we were able to determine the SUV was speeding.

Developed by Da’nel , Richie and Ryan

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