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Video Discussion: Work-Energy Theorem Problem by Billy

Flipping Physics

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Name: Work-Energy Theorem Problem by Billy
Category: Work, Energy, Power
Date Added: 2016-05-18
Submitter: Flipping Physics

Learn with Billy as he uses the Work-Energy Theorem or what I prefer to call the Net Work-Kinetic Energy Theorem to solve a problem. Want Lecture Notes? This is an AP Physics 1 topic.

Content Times:
0:36 The problem statement
1:02 The Net Work-Kinetic Energy Theorem
2:03 The Net Work on the Horizontal Surface
3:39 The Net Work on the Incline
4:05 The Work done by the Force of Gravity
5:40 The Work done by the Force of Kinetic Friction
7:24 Substituting back into the Net Work equation
9:31 Positive vs. Negative Work
10:56 A generally overview of what happens to all the energies
11:57 Energy percentages

Need help understanding theta 1?

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Work-Energy Theorem Problem by Billy

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