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Name: AP Physics C: Universal Gravitation Review (Mechanics)
Category: Oscillations & Gravity
Date Added: 2017-12-22
Submitter: Flipping Physics

Calculus based review of Universal Gravitation including Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation, solving for the acceleration due to gravity in a constant gravitational field, universal gravitational potential energy, graphing universal gravitational potential energy between an object and the Earth, three example problems (binding energy, escape velocity and orbital energy), and Kepler’s three laws. For the calculus based AP Physics C mechanics exam.
Want Lecture Notes?

At 6:01 this video addresses an error in the Universal Gravitational Potential Energy Graph from the video's previous iteration.

Content Times:
0:10 Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation
1:52 Solving for the acceleration due to gravity
2:02 Universal Gravitational Potential Energy
4:52 Graph of Universal Gravitational Potential Energy between an object and the Earth
6:01 Correcting the Universal Gravitational Potential Energy Graph
7:30 Binding Energy Example Problem
9:41 Escape Velocity Example Problem
11:19 Orbital Energy Example Problem
13:52 Kepler’s Three Laws
14:17 Kepler’s First Law
16:19 Kepler’s Second Law
16:42 Deriving Kepler’s Third Law

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AP Physics C Review Website

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Thank you to Aarti Sangwan, Sawdog, and Frank Geshwind for being my Quality Control team for this video.

AP Physics C: Universal Gravitation Review (Mechanics)

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