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10 km flight

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Team Name: F'N Sandwich

Available Funds: $70,000

Vehicle Name: PB&J

Vehicle Parts List and Cost:

MK1 command pod : $600

MK16 Parachute: $422

TR18-A Stack Decoupler: $400

Fl-T200 Fuel Tank: $275

"Swivel" Engine: $1200

AV-R8 Winglet * 3 : $1920

Total: $4817

Remaining: $65,183

Design Goals: This vehicle is designed to reach an altitude of 10 km. It is built to be small and efficient.

Launch Goal: We expect to reach 10 km. We also aim to achieve a successful manned launch of Jebediah Kerman and return him back safely.

Pilot Plan: The pilot will begin the launch with ignition of the swivel engine and fly straight up to an altitude of 10 km. Upon decent at an altitude of 1500 m, the pilot will activate his parachute to come to a slow and controlled landing.

Illustrations: image.thumb.png.8090816b9e63bf80c27c224972df538c.png


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